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In 2019, the idea of getting involved in social projects came up. After a detailed analysis of the
I found the most sensible project for me, “learning support for children from socially
weak families” and already brought my many years of experience as a company to bear during the structuring phase
project manager and business economist.
At the beginning of 2020 I was able to win some teachers, which led me to the schools.
After three school visits it was over, the logdown was there. Schools were closed and
face-to-face classes have been suspended.
During this time I organized the learning support network. The new school year 2020/21 came
Students were back in face-to-face classes and teachers were providing huge knowledge gaps, especially
in elementary school, firmly.
This situation called us into action. After a government-mandated break, we looked after the first ones
Pupils in the north of Munich. Now we also have the Northwest and the West
developed with Pasing and Buchenau, Aubing and Freiham were also added.

  • Moosach

  • Untermenzing

  • Obermenzing

  • Langwied

  • Aubing

  • Pasing

  • Laim

  • Freiham

  • Riem

  • Berg am Laim

  • Trudering

  • Freimann

  • Am Hart

  • Feldmoching/Hasenbergl

  • Milbertshofen


Our next goals:

  • Open up and develop further urban areas

  • Expansion of our educational offer

  • Intensification of cooperation with the authorities and the Ministry of Education

  • Digitization of the processes

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